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Media Voice Call Center Directory


Antioch East Baptist Church

Media Voice Call Center Directory

Dea. Alonzo Wright, Technician


{Media Voice Call Center Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3800
Enter Access Code: 35518} followed by the # key. Follow the instructions.

  • Board of Directors---ext. 1
  • Ministerial Staff---ext. 2---
  • Deacon's Wives---ext. 3---{Sis. Lillie Parks}
  • Media Ministry---ext. 12---{DVD & CD Ordering---Password Request---Update Calling Post Number}
  • Board of Deacons---ext. 13---{To leave a message for your family assigned Deacon}
  • Board of Trustees---ext. 14---{To leave a message for Dea. James Smith for Church Rental Fees---Building Projects}
  • Finance Ministry---ext. 15---{To leave a message for Dea. Kenneth Sneed, Chairman or Sis. Pam Bradley, Financial Secretary}
  • Music Department---ext. 16---{To leave a message for Alexander Levi, Lead Musician}
  • Usher Ministries 1-4---ext. 17
  • Out Reach Ministry---ext. 18---{To leave a message for Evangelist Niyoutha Ross, Lead Disciple}
  • Strategic Planning Team---ext. 19
  • Mid-Week Bible Institute---ext. 20---(Time & Day}
  • Mothers' Ministry---ext. 21---{To leave a message for Mother Elizabeth Patterson, President}
  • New Members Ministry---ext. 22---{Class Date & Times}
  • AEBC Bible Study Class---ext. 23---{Time & Day}
  • AEBC Youth Department---ext. 24---{To leave a message for Sis. Karen Gayle, Director, Youth Activities & Events}
  • AEBC Wedding Coordinator---ext. 25---(To leave a message for Dr. Yvonne Culbreath, Wedding Planner}
  • Church School/Life Study Classes---ext. 26---{To leave a message for Sis. Wanda Miller, Superintendent}
  • AEBC Pastor's Aid Ministry---ext. 27---{To leave a message for Bro. John Cherry, President}
  • Vision Seekers 501 C3---ext. 28---{To leave a message for Dea. James Smith}
  • Scholarship Committee---ext. 29---{To leave a message for Dr. Joanna Lowe Sellers for Registration Information and Deadlines}
  • Capital Campaign/Stewardship Campaign---ext. 30---{To leave a message for Dea. Kenneth Sneed Finance Chair}
  • AEBC Courtesy Guild Ministry---ext. 31---{To leave a message for Sis. Carolyn Thurmond}
  • AEBC Nurses Guild Ministry---ext. 32---{To leave a message for Sis. Milly Terrell}
  • AEBC Men's Ministry---ext. 33---(To leave a message for Dea. John Morton}
  • AEBC Women's Ministry---ext. 34