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Media Ministry

Dea. Alonzo Wright, Chair, {Web Master, Computer & Video Technician, Distribution Coordinator}

Sis. Valerie Lloyd, Co-chair, {Computer & Video Technician}

Dea. Darryl Beauford, {Computer & Video Technician}

Dea. James Brownlee, {Computer & Video Technician}

Bro. Joshua Sellers, {Computer & Video Technician} 

Mother Janie Wright, {Script & Type Technician}


Antiocheast.org Web Master:

  • DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Antioch East Webmaster is responsible for the day to day site management and page development of (antiocheast.org) the Antioch East Web Site. The Web Master is responsible for the controlled access to the World Wide Web sites, which supports a number of web tools pertaining to (antiocheast.org) site.  These tools are the key units to the Antioch East Web Site, and are supported by other Web Site (ftp) areas. This person is also the Liaison for the church with the Web Site designer.
  • Adjunct duties: Require this person to be the Administrator for the Antioch East ISP. The Web Master ensures that the Page is in all aspects, stable, well designed, effective to use, up to date, and above all properly maintained. He also controls all passwords connected to the (ftp, http, and https) areas.

Video Technician:

  • Responsible for the maintenance and operation of the video and audio transmission of church services to all monitors throughout the church, and Internet Live Streaming. Technician also maintains the operations of afore mentioned monitors (Connections and Passwords).


Computer Technician:

  • Responsible for the day to day operation of the Antioch East Baptist Church computer equipment. This includes DSL internet connection, wireless configurations, church IPS e-mail distribution, and maintenance. This person is also Liaison for communicating with IPS technicians concerning service repair calls. Also, at Web Master's discretion, teaches and coordinates a Computer Application Class in conjunction with the Vision Seekers.

Media Distribution:

  • Responsible for DVD and CD recordings of church services, and distribution afore mention products to Antioch East known sick and shut-in. Also for supply and demand of afore mention DVDs and CDs to the church membership.
  • Responsible for on screen projection of church announcements during the Antioch East 10:30 AM worship services. Special services may vary according to camera technician availability.
  • Coordinate,  and responsible for preparing and uploading video presentations of church services to Youtube.com broadcasting, (Optional). Also the rebroadcasting of the 10:30 AM worship service each week.
  • Technical support for admin office, pastor and church clerk (formulation of baptismal certificates, dedication certificates, etc.)

Script & Type Technician:

  • Responsible for all text proofing and web site scripts. These duties include proof reading of text input.
  • Responsible for and coordinate the distribution of the Antioch East E-Mail News Letter. This News Letter is a weekly and daily electronic church announcement tool. This person also assists the Editor with technical support and preparation.



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